Are you an international student in Ghent and looking for a christian student community? Every year, from October to June, Ichtus Gent provides ‘small groups’ for all our members. Every small group usually takes place on Wednesday nights every two weeks and together with other students you will meet for a meal and have Bible study. We try our best to group the international students together if there are any to provide at least one small group that’s fully in English. And even if you’re the only one not being able to understand Dutch we’ll group you with members that are more than willing to have an evening in English.
Also on the so-called ‘general evenings’ (such as lectures, workshops or other evenings when Ichtus Gent comes together) translation can be provided.

Most of the other members can stand their ground in English too so there will always be somebody to help you out!

If you have any questions regarding Ichtus Gent you can find our contact details here.

We hope to welcome you soon!